Microsoft Office 365 is a totally integrated business productivity suite that supports numerous business features and comes integrated with Skype for Business web conference, OneDrive for online storage, Microsoft Email and Office Apps.Office 365 Preferred Cloud Productivity Solution.

The major reasons that have made Microsoft Office 365 the most popular today.

1. Better Productivity Booster

This is probably the biggest reason why Office 365 is more popular the better productivity booster. This is because of the reason that Microsoft Office has been around for decades. Hence, most of your staff must already be familiar with Microsoft Office and thus there is no need to retrain your staff for providing better results using Microsoft 365. They already know that over 1 billion people all over the world are using Microsoft Office.

2. Compatible & Efficient

The compatibility and efficiency are the other major positive aspects of Microsoft Office 365. It is highly compatible with most software and applications and that makes it easier to exchange data between different applications. It even syncs with multiple devices like PCs, Macs, Tablets, and Mobiles both online and offline very easily and let you collaborate with your team over different devices from anywhere, anytime.

3. Better Online Meetings and Collaboration

Microsoft 365 comes with Skype for Business web conference that offers great features for conducting unlimited audio/video online meetings with up to 300 participants at a time. Skype for Business also creates a private social network in your office using which your employees can check each other’s presence, send Instant Messages, share files & screen and so on.

4. Email & Cloud Storage Solution

Microsoft Office 365 comes with Business Class Email and 1 TB cloud storage on OneDrive for each employee of your organization. The email provides easy synchronization between different platforms and devices. With Outlook, you can manage your email with integrated features like calendar, contact and task management. The cloud storage space on OneDrive allows for storing and sharing files between your employees.


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